Safety Coordinator

The position of Safety Coordinator has been put in place to address issues related to safety across the trail system with the goal of further developing a safe and well-maintained trail system for all users. Whereas this is a new position we expect the duties will evolve over time and a detailed position description will be developed in the future. Jeremy Cromwell has been offered a position until December 2023 with a restart of employment to begin in April 2024. Eventually we plan to make this a full-time position.

Initially we require the position to address the following issues of importance to SANS as outlined below:

- Signage Audits.
- Bridge Assessments (Use of the assessment form to complete an assessment of all SANS trail bridges and make a list of priorities for the clubs in the areas assessed).
- Grant Processes (Work with Small Grant Committee to assess needs for grants and check out areas that clubs wish to apply for a large OHVIF Grant).
- Trail Etiquette communications.
- Deal with SANS interests with Disaster Relief Programs.
- Work with Club Safety Reps on province wide safety programs.
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