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Stay on the Trails

A significant portion of our 5,000 KM of managed snowmobile trails is on private property. Our continued access is dependent on land owners' generosity and support of organized snowmobiling. When riders go off the marked trail they dramatically increase the possibility of a landowner restricting or even denying access. Please stay on the trail and help us to keep the trails open. 

The following is a list of responsible riding actions:
  • Report property damage of any kind
  • Avoid riding late at night too close to homes
  • Leave tracks not trash
  • Help preserve small shrubs and saplings
  • Avoid disturbing domestic animals or wildlife
  • Be polite and respectful of landowners and their families
  • Leave private property when asked to do so
  • Use the trail only for snowmobiling in the winter
  • Stay off the trail during all other seasons
  • Do not contribute to noise pollution by altering stock exhaust pipes
  • Obey the speed limit
  • Refrain from obnoxious or boisterous behaviour
  • Do not ride impaired
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